Annual Report for 2019

Noble County Community Foundation Activities 2019

The Noble County Community Foundation completed its fourteenth full year of operations in 2019, following its January 2005 founding. The Board of Directors currently includes Judy McMullen; President, Shawn Ray; Vice-President, and board members Mike Buckey, John Cline, Joy Flood, Andrea Seder, Sherri Starr, Don Ullmann, and Jim Warren. Mike Lloyd serves as Secretary.

Grants and Funds Received

Both NCCF fundshad substantial gains in 2019 due to positive returns of the markets. The unrestricted fund grew from $41,734.21 on 1/1/19 to $50,278.01 at the end of the year for an increase of $8,543.80 or 20.5 percent.

The NCCF Scholarship Fund grewfrom $107,485.12 on 1/1/19 to $122,208.81on 12/31/19 an increase of $14,723.69 or 13.7 percent. Interim Health Care once again made a $1,000 donation designated for two $500 scholarships to Caldwell and Shenandoah graduates studying in a health related field. The value of the two combined funds grew from $149,219.33 to $172,486.82, an increase of $23,267.49or 15.6%.


NCCF Scholarships of $1000 each were awarded at the Caldwell and Shenandoah Spring Awards Assemblies to Sarah Reedfrom Caldwell HS and Makayla Feldner from Shenandoah HS.Including awards made from the Edmund James Scholarship Fund beginning in 1991, sixty-two student scholarships have been awarded worth $32,050. This was the second year to award scholarships to individuals majoring in a health related field funded by Interim Health. $500 scholarships were awarded to KarciFeldner from Shenandoah HS, and Caleigh Moore from Caldwell HS

Grants Made

The NCCF awarded three grants from its unrestricted fund in 2019 totaling $1,500.

• $500 to HARP (Helping Appalachian Rural People) to purchase building materials for low income home renovations,
• $500 to Lutheran Social Services to purchase food for the Caldwell Food Pantry, and
• $500 to HARP (Helping Appalachian Rural People) to help helpfund home renovations for a low income disabled citizen.

The NCCF has awarded $20,525 to fifty-nine projects since its founding.

The Future

The NCCF board of trustees continues to work to develop its existing funds and to develop new ones, all with the goal of using these funds to be a positive force for the future of the county. Additional information on the Noble County Community Foundation can be found at the NCCF website at, by contacting NCCF board members or Mike Lloyd, Board Secretary at or calling 740-483-1602.