Annual Report for 2011

Noble County Community Foundation Activities 2011

The Noble County Community Foundation completed its sixth full year of operations in 2010, following its January 2005 founding. The Board of Directors includes Judy McMullen, President, Shawn Ray, Vice President and board members Bill Brelsford, Kristi Close, Jeff Minosky, Andrea Hurst, Don Ullmann, and Joy Flood as trustees and Mike Lloyd serving as secretary.

Grants and Funds Received

NCCF funds grew slightly in value in 2011. With a beginning balance of $19,150.73 in January of 2011, the unrestricted endowment of the NCCF grew by $661.91 to a balance of $19,812.64 on 12/31/11 for a gain of 3.5%. Gifts provided most of the growth, as investment growth was limited.

The NCCF received $2,895 in donations for 2011. The largest single donation was $1000 from Peoples Bancorp Foundation. $500 was also received from Farmers and Merchants Bank. $795 was given by multiple individuals and businesses in memory of Dale McMullen.

The NCCF umbrella now includes two scholarship funds. The Mike Brienza Memorial fund is operated as a donor advised fund. The Glen B. Taylor Scholarship fund was renamed by the NCCF board in 2011 and is now known as the Noble County Community Foundation Scholarship fund. This name change is to reflect the larger scope of the scholarship and also that the fund now includes the assets of the former Edmund James Scholarship fund. In its second year of grants two scholarships of $750 each were awarded to Jordan Dimmerling and Nicholas Warren and were announced as part of the Noble Co. Chamber of Commerce banquet. Assets of the NCCF Scholarship fund grew from $81,696.50 to $82,060.70 or less than .5%. A poor investment climate limited the growth of the fund for 2011. Together, the general endowment and the NCCF Scholarship funds grew from $100,847.23 to $101,973.34, a growth of $1,126.11 or 1.1%

Grants Made

The Noble County Community Foundation (NCCF) awarded five grants in 2011.

A total of $1,750 was awarded from the foundation’s unrestricted endowment. The grants were:
•$500 to the Belle Valley Action Committee for repairs at the Belle Valley Community Playground
• $375 to the Noble County Historical Society in support of Civil War events at the annual Soakum Festival.
• $375 to the South Central Regional Center of OSU in support of activities at the Learning Center.
• $250 to OSU Extension, Noble County in support of Leadership Ohio’s visit to the county in August.
• $250 to God’s Equine Ministry for the purchase of a new saddle for their equestrian program.

The Future

The NCCF continues to be a positive force for Noble County. The board continues to work with the professional community, local residents, and the overall business community to continue the growth and development of the NCCF and the region. For additional information on the NCCF contact NCCF Board Secretary, Mike Lloyd at 740-732-5681, e-mail, or view information on the NCCF web site at